Warming up an Email domain

Starting a new domain to protect deliverability of the primary domain

  1. Pick a new but rational domain
  2.  Follow best practices in setting up the sending domain with HubSpot e.g. DNS is set up correctly, DKIM and SPF records.
  3. Use Neverbounce to clean your lists
  4. Send a small quantity of email via HubSpot every day, 1000-2000. Start with your best contacts, people who are customers, employees, close connections
  5. Each day/couple days a week, send some more.
  6. Delete any hard bounces as you go, don’t send to any bounces.
  7. Slowly add contacts
  8. BE SURE to send interesting, informative content, and honor any unsubscribes however they come in.
  9. Consider using sales emails through Sales Pro for certain types of communications.