What are the standards for Pop-ups and Asset Thank You Emails

Pop-ups and thank you emails are important in lead conversion. Here are best practices.


Pop-up name in HubSpot

Please include the word "Pop-up" in the title of the pop-up. The below is a good naming convention. 

Blutag Pop-ups


Orange Marketing has declared that all pop-ups for content need to go to a "Form-Step" on the pop-up. The fields to use are

  • email
  • fname
  • lname
  • company name

The only time you can send a pop-up directly to the HubSpot landing page is for a webinar. And even then, HubSpot has been starting to handle webinar enrollment as you can see above with Meeting Link option. But there is so much copy typically with a webinar, we tend to want them to go to the landing page. Your judgment. 

Thank you page

All pop-ups will link to a thank you page, rather than directly to an asset. 



Asset Thank You Emails - for pop-ups, landing pages, advertising

These all need to be generated using an automated email with a separate thank you email workflow. 

  • 100% of pop-ups need a thank you email sent.
  • 100% of forms on landing pages need a thank you email sent.
  • 100% of advertising forms need a thank you email sent.

All landing pages should send the thank you email using a separate automated email and workflow. Please do not initiate a "Simple" Thank You email directly from a landing page or the follow-up email on a form itself.

Example Blutag DTC Landing page

Landing pages use standard forms, like "Download Content" or "Sign-up for a Webinar." Don't create new forms for every landing page, use what is there.

Don't use this on landing pages to send thank you emails:

Don't use follow-up emails on forms:


Thank you email workflow 

All the thank you emails need to be sent from a workflow using an automated email. Period. 

Blutag DTC Need to Know


Make sure you click through Re-enrollment on Enrollment triggers so they can get the TY email multiple times.


We are being cautious and setting the contact as a "marketing contact" so the TY email will go. This typically happens on the workflow, or in the form, but hey - better to be safe then sorry.


The Blutag workflows are identifying the form as a pop-up. This is an experiment.

Format of thank you email


This isn't the most beautiful thank you email, but it gets the job done.

DTC Brands Need to Know