Interlink Your Website and Blog to Your New Website Pages, Blogs, and Pillar Pages

You have a new fantastic piece of content or new website, how do you create proper interlinking between your existing content and this new page or website?

Interlinking your website to important supporting pages regarding keywords or subjects that you specialize in is a critical component of SEO. Every new web page you publish, blog post, or pillar page should have proper inter-linking as its final task. 

Here are the Steps

  1. Determine your new content's top keywords or subject.
  2. Google your own site for any pages supporting these top keywords or subjects using this specialized Google using these steps recommended by HubSpot:
    1. Go to
    2. Enter search term into the search box.
    3. Refine your search.
  3. Use this to surface content on your site to link to. 
  4. Link to the appropriate content on your own website
  5. Also, make sure you cross-link the surfaced content back to your new page! 

Google takes the above process, not as a trick, but as a signal that you have an abundance of content on a certain topic or regarding a key word.