How do you remove opt-out on a mass list in HubSpot?

I accidentally imported an unsubscribe list. How do I remove all of these unsubscribes?

 It is possible to remove their opt-out status, but in order to do this, the contacts will need to exist in your CRM. The best steps to reset this will be to:

  1. Import and create the contacts on the first spreadsheet that you opted out using the steps outlined here (a single spreadsheet with a column of email addresses should create these contacts).
  2. Once you have imported and created these contacts, you will see the option to "View Contacts" on your Import Page (see the below example from my portal). Click on this to view all contacts on this import.
  3. Using the steps outlined here, you will then be able to select all of the contacts on this import in a filter and remove the opt-out status form these contacts using the steps outlined on this page.
  4. Once you have done this, you can then remove these contacts from your portal by using the steps outlined here to bulk delete all of the contacts on this import (you can return to the Imports page and click on View Contacts again to create a filter of the contacts create by this import so that you can delete these from your portal).
  5. Once you have deleted these contacts, you will then be able to follow the same steps for your other opt-out list to ensure that the opt-out status is removed.

The reason that I would encourage you to do this in different steps and delete the contacts afterward is to ensure that you do not exceed your contact limit of 7,000 contacts