How do you perform website QA (Quality Assurance)

Comprehensive list of items to remember in website testing

Above link gives a good comprehensive list of items to remember in website testing.  It is assumed for simple static site.  Have the team read thru it and document what fits your type of websites and needs
A small summary of areas to focus on.  let me know if you want me to detail it
  •  Understand the scope of each website components (like pages, functionalities, links, downloads, etc)
  • Create a testing matrix which documents areas of testing and then list all testing items with in that areas
    • for example Pages -  list all urls to test
    • By page list all links
    • Functionality - list all functionality and detailed testing steps ( for example Registration or login et
  • Check all links ( run some free automated tools for broken link checking)
  • Test UI and compare with PSDs or existing site
    • Content ( typos, spellings, font style , CSS)
    • images
    • alignment
    • navigation
    • Menus
    • videos
    • scroll bars and page load
    • Page section navigation
    • dialogs and pop ups
  • Browser compatibility  ( allowed browsers and versions)
    • use browser stack tool
  • Device compatibility  ( based on your user visits per device type )
    • Browser stack has simulators and actual virtual devices
  • Detailed functionality testing
  • Data testing
    • if any forms available in site understand type of data and allowed values  to test it
    • Document all different positive and negatives cases for forms testing
    • data validation testing
  • if site performance and speed is part of your project scope
    • Use google page insight or other tools to test site speed.
    • The report generated by those tools will help developers solve related issues
  • SEO testing
    • This is not part of typical QA testing
    • But there are some tools to run SEO checks and adjust for site searchability 

      We believe this lists all areas of testing and web performance areas.