What are the elements of an Orange Marketing Content Bundle?

More information on getting started with a Content Bundle from Orange Marketing with an example

What is included?

Additional Content Bundle

Content Creation

  • Select a topic that is relevant to your prospects with your input and additional research
  • Create downloadable pdf white paper asset, top of the funnel (includes writing and graphic design), up to 6 pages
  • Create 3 blog posts to begin SEO/education content for sales - so as not to have an empty blog!
  • Create a long-form website pillar page from the PDF, and interlinking to the two-three blog posts
  • One blog promoting the e-book or pdf.
  • Optimize social media profiles (FB, LI, Twitter) and create posts consistent with new content described 4 posts


  • Graphic promotion or CTAs of the content offer on other website pages using CTAs
  • CTAs - Calls to Action for use in promotion on your website, in blog posts, and partner websites (image CTA, text CTA, and "bubble" CTA) - includes graphic design
  • Separate email promoting content, and target towards appropriate engaged contacts in your database
  • Website Pop up promoting the content offer
  • Work with your web team to link to the Pillar Page from your main website menu or resources page
  • Review metrics and decide on the next steps.


  • Interview the client, select the topic for the ebook or whitepaper. Detailed outline approved by client before writing commences.
  • Find a writer appropriate for the client - We've had good success with writers/rates on nDash, have a short list of freelancers (second tab on this spreadsheet), and 3rd party resources reviews and notes can be found on that same spreadsheet, 3rd tab.
  • Write the ebook or white paper [NOTE: There is a Long-form Content Template - 2021 card in ClickUp.]
  • Write 3 blog posts that are related to white paper or e-book but are fresh content. 
  • Client approves everything
  • Work with client on appropriate blog post images.
  • Side-Note: Blog Newsletter must be up and running with 3 blog post style, newletter header at top and CTA at bottom. CTA can be contact us until ebook is ready. DesignPickle does the 3-blog post newsletter header. I=OM can do the cta in Canva.
  • Post the blog posts while the ebook is being laid out by DesignPickle, week by week.
  • Client approves the final PDF of ebook created by DesignPickle
  • Landing page, thank you page, thank you image for eBook plus image CTA [NOTE: There is an LP and Campaign Template card in ClickUp.]
  • Create pillar page from all of the above.
  • Interlink the pillar page and the blog posts. 
  • Update the blog posts with image cta links to white paper.
  • Ensure client links to pillar page from their website menu.

AllVoices Example

This is a great example of a beautiful content bundle. 

Blog Posts - Derived from Content

  • https://blog.allvoices.co/hr-tips-on-improving-employee-reviews-on-glassdoor
  • https://blog.allvoices.co/the-roi-of-employee-feedback-how-to-take-proactive-action
  • https://blog.allvoices.co/anonymous-and-whistleblower-hotlines-fail-to-catch-all-company-risks

Promotional Blog Post E-Book

  • https://blog.allvoices.co/how-to-be-proactive-with-employee-feedback


  • https://go.allvoices.co/hubfs/PDF%20eBooks,%20Guides,%20Case%20Studies/The%20Complete%20Guide%20to%20Employee%20Feedback%20Programs.pdf?

Blog Newsletter

  • https://preview.hs-sites.com/_hcms/preview/content/37325391079?portalId=8616228&_preview=true&cacheBust=1609958375895&preview_key=RfChRlic&from_buffer=false

Pillar Page

  • https://go.allvoices.co/complete-guide-to-employee-feedback-programs

Promotional Series

  • Landing Page - https://go.allvoices.co/guide-to-employee-feedback
  • Thank You Page - https://go.allvoices.co/guide-to-employee-feedback-programs
  • Thank You Email - https://preview.hs-sites.com/_hcms/preview/content/38285887605?portalId=8616228&_preview=true&cacheBust=0&preview_key=CPsPHEyV&from_buffer=false

Email Promoting the E-Book

  • https://app.hubspot.com/email/8616228/edit/38766334420/preview


Employee Feedback Guide LP

Download Guide to Employee Feedback


Download the Guide!


Link to PDF of eBook Employee Feedback




Blog page views

Landing Page Page Views


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