Crazy Stuff About HubSpot

If you are experienced with CRMs, there are some things that you will love about HubSpot and some things that will make you crazy.

Advanced Topics

These are items that are interesting to advanced CRM people.


HubSpot always knows who you are by IP and Cookie. You have to test in incognito records. So just having different email addresses 

Companies and Contacts

Companies are joined to Contacts "automatically" by email domain. Period. HubSpot loves emails and domains and associates companies and contacts by domain. To break this process you have to do something else to intervene.


How do you associate Companies to Contacts 

  1. They can all be separate companies, can be attached manually. NP. 
  2. They can have a parent-child nesting relationship
  3. You can multiple companies associated with the same contact
  4. Custom objects


Company Name and Associated Company

On a Contact record, there is a field that is Company Name. This has nothing to do with "Associated Company" unless you make it so. People fill in their "Company Name" from the lead form. "Associated Company" is associated with the Domain Name of their email. Usually is their company or their DBA name. 

Workflow tip here - if an associated name is populated and company name is not populated on contact, then company name from associated company onto contact.


Deal Attribution

If sales reps create Deals directly in the Deal Board, then they won't have Contacts or Companies associated with them. That will make Deal Attribution impossible. You can only fix this with sales training, and by running audit reports and straightening them out. 


Task Queue Ideas


1 - New Inbound Leads

2 -  Pipeline

3 - Reactivated Leads

4 - Intent Lead

5 - Lost Deals

6 - Outbound


SDR function

This is where you would use SQL Lifecycle Stage as well as a Lead Status that would automatically convert to SQL. This has to be a conscious conversation about process and comp structures.


Sales Pipeline

We like pipeline to be pipeline, and it generally starts with Qualified. All the work gets done in Contacts using Views and tracking the work via Lead Status

Lead Status


Contact Views