Complete Marketing Campaign Checklist

Marketing campaigns should be well organized, and attention to detail is important. We've got you covered with this handy checklist to make sure you crossed your t's and dotted your i's!


  • The right Template is being used
  • The right Colors are used
  • The right Fonts are used
  • The Body Copy helps the user understand what they will be getting
  • The correct Campaign is selected
  • The correct Form is used and styled correctly
  • A customized "Button" is used to promote the offer
  • A customized Header is used for the form
  • The Featured Image is appropriately sized and selected (1024 x 512 px)
  • The Form leads to the correct Thank You page
  • The Headline matches the content
  • You included a picture of the Front Cover, if an eBook is being plugged
  • The Internal Page Name is: LP - Page title
  • The Landing Page submits the correct Thank You email
  • The Meta Description describes the content
  • The Notifications go to the correct contacts
  • The Page Title / Page URL contains keywords (if applicable)
  • The Subhead matches the content
  • You have tested in mobile


  • In Advanced Options: Add no index/no follow in Head
  • The Campaign is set
  • The Download contains the link to the download (if applicable)
  • Include additional > Next Offer
  • You included Social Follow
  • The Meta Description is blank
  • The Page Name is: TY | Offer Name
  • The Page Title and URL contain the offer name
  • The Thank You  is for the correct offer
  • The Thumbnail is directed to the download


  • The correct Form is used
  • The correct Options are pre-populated
  • The form has compelling Button text
  • The form has the correct Title
  • The form meets Style Guidelines (it doesn't look weird)
  • The form Notifications are going to the correct client contacts
  • The form Submit goes to the correct next steps (Be sure to test it)


  • The Body Copy provides additional CTA
  • The Body Copy provides response to offer
  • The From Name and Email Address is correct
  • The correct Template is used
  • The Logo is correctly sized
  • There is a creative Subject Line
  • The Email looks pretty
  • The Fonts are correct
  • The Links are correct colors
  • The Personalization is used correctly (Be sure to test this)
  • All links have been tested
  • The Text Version is optimized (remove the top junk - See attached pic for clarification)