Best Sales Email Template Examples

Sample sales emails in categories to optimize open, click and meeting rates

Here are some sales email examples for use. Please copy the Google Doc before proceeding. These will be continuously updated so check back often. 

Introducing your product or service


Find out how to X using Y

Hi Kelsey,

Orange Marketing seems like a really well established company that has been around for a while. You have a reputation for providing a high quality of work and results.

Many evolving businesses watch a revolving door of clients, but there are others on the cusp of sustainable, scalable growth. From my research, I’d say Orange Marketing is the latter.

Your most-wanted logos are waiting for your services and targeted outreach is a proven way to get on their radar. Unconventional for this industry? Yes. Effective and cutting-edge? Also yes.

How about a chat to see if our orchestrated outbound aligns with your current initiatives as Co-Founder and Principal Consultant?



Learn how to X with Y

Follow up with someone who downloaded something

Hi Kelsey,

I saw you downloaded the (thing). 

I'd like to introduce myself as resource for any questions you may have and share how (company) has helped many companies (including Big brands) (value prop)

I would love to talk to you about the benefits of (core features). Email me back and let me know what works best for you and we can get started. 





Last Attempt


(name), please unsubscribe


Hope you can appreciate my persistence -- I've continued to reach out despite not hearing back because I'm confident that eSentire's MDR service could improve your threat detection & remediation capabilities.
If that's not a priority right now, I apologize if my emails have been inconvenient. Let me know when you'll next be evaluating your security posture and I'll shoot you a note when it's a better time.

Hope this isn't goodbye, just a see ya later...


Addl Subject lines

Goodbye for now

Deal Dark

How we doing?


CTA Options

Gong's "Interest" CTA options cheat sheet


Selling best practices

Super good webinar


Intent data

I'm X with Company Name , an VALUE PROP company ! I noticed someone at  {target company name} was looking at our Capterra Review Page. I figured I'd reach out and see if you or someone else in your organization might be interested in learning more about how {company) help our clients with their {value prop} needs
In a nutshell, imagine being able to run unlimited events, collect all the info/analytics you need from your registrants with conditional logic and having amazing support all on a flat fee subscription model. I also attached a PDF with more info about Swoogo's features and capabilities to give you a quick rundown.
Does it make sense to discuss Swoogo supporting your events and how we might be able to help reduce your event tech spend? You can book some time on my calendar here or feel free to call me anytime at +1 818-835-8969.